The Doughnut

by The London Sock Exchange


We don’t need to sugarcoat it: this is a pair of socks which will leave your feet feeling glazed and enthused.

Go full circle by pairing these with a crisp, cream jean and your sweetest high-tops – you’ll be ready to pump up the jam in no time. 

Each and every sock we make is crafted for comfort and style.

We weave our socks with 200 needles, the highest gauge used on socks. Due to the density of this weave, our socks are not only finer but also stronger than your average pair.

What's more, unlike a lot of socks produced for the high­-street, we don’t cut corners when finishing our socks. That’s why we hand­link the toe to each and every sock we make. This affords a perfect, seamless finish to the bottom end of the sock, for maximum comfort.

And finally, our socks are all finished with a honeycomb welt, to give a more comfortable, flexible fit around the calf.

This sock is available in size 7-12 (UK) / 41-47 (EU)