Time to EatFoodie Feet

Footsie fun, fit for a foodie.

Meet YourSporting Heroes

Prepare to score some serious style points with our collection of sports-inspired socks.

The VeloThe Velo
The Velo
Sale price €14,00
The WallThe Wall
The Wall
Sale price €14,00
The BackThe Back
The Back
Sale price €14,00
The PostsThe Posts
The Posts
Sale price €14,00
The TryThe Try
The Try
Sale price €14,00
The OpenerThe Opener
The Opener
Sale price €14,00
The UmpireThe Umpire
The Umpire
Sale price €14,00
The YorkerThe Yorker
The Yorker
Sale price €14,00
The PaddleThe Paddle
The Paddle
Sale price €14,00
The HoratioThe Horatio
The Horatio
Sale price €10,00

The James Bond007 Collection

For your feet only.

We do love a good yarn. Which is why we’ve created an exclusive range of socks celebrating the most iconic moments from the James Bond film series.

TheBartender's Selection

Cosmopolitan? Old Fashioned? Whatever your style, you won’t be left on the rocks with these socks. 

The VeryBest of British

A curated selection of socks from across our store – all inspired by our British home.

A Touch ofAnimal Magic

Find the ideal socks for the animal lover in you.

The QueenCollection

The ultimate rock ensemble meets the ultimate sock ensemble. Introducing the Queen Collection by The London Sock Exchange.

Brian May '75Brian May '75
Brian May '75
Sale price €14,00
John Deacon '81John Deacon '81
John Deacon '81
Sale price €14,00
Roger Taylor '81Roger Taylor '81
Roger Taylor '81
Sale price €14,00
I Want To Break FreeI Want To Break Free
I Want To Break Free
Sale price €14,00
Radio GagaRadio Gaga
Radio Gaga
Sale price €14,00

Socks &the City

Introducing the all-new TfL Collection, celebrating London's iconic transport network, through the medium of sustainably-sourced yarn.

The RoutemasterThe Routemaster
The Routemaster
Sale price €14,00
The PlatformThe Platform
The Platform
Sale price €14,00
The TubeThe Tube
The Tube
Sale price €14,00
The GingerlineThe Gingerline
The Gingerline
Sale price €14,00
Tickets, PleaseTickets, Please
Tickets, Please
Sale price €14,00
The H&CThe H&C
The H&C
Sale price €14,00
The Tube GiftboxThe Tube Giftbox
The Tube Giftbox
Sale price €35,00

Prepare to goGlobetrotting

For the ultimate addition to any wardrobe of Wanderlust, we invite you to travel the world – with no 'itchy feet' in sight. 

TheShakespeare Collection

Say hello to a set of socks with real character.

Developed with The Globe theatre in London, we're paying tribute to some of the most beloved characters from the works of Shakespeare.

Sale price €14,00
Sale price €14,00
The FoolThe Fool
The Fool
Sale price €14,00
The William Gift BoxThe William Gift Box
The William Gift Box
Sale price €35,00
The MasksThe Masks
The Masks
Sale price €14,00
The QuillThe Quill
The Quill
Sale price €14,00
Sale price €14,00
Sale price €14,00

Build Your OwnGift Box

Your own selection of footsie faves, perfect for gifting or just for yourself.

Available in either 3 or 6-pack varieties and delivered in a specially-designed, beautifully packed gift box. 


The perfect gift for the dapper dresser in your life.