Variety Magazine | Best Father’s Day Gifts

Variety magazine has been published since December 16, 1905, when it was launched by as a weekly periodical covering theatre and vaudeville in New York City.

Today, it's based in Los Angeles and is one of the most widely read news outlets in the world covering news from the world of entertainment, film, TV and theatre. 

And now, socks. 

Here's what Variety have had to say about our 007 Collection in their recent round-up of best gifts for dads:

A collection of James Bond socks are sure to spice up any dad’s feet. Each pair highlights a past character or iconic Bond moment there’s martini’s, the famous red “Thunderball” wetsuit and more. There’s six pairs per collection made by the London Sock Exchange, and fit all sizes from 7 to 13.

You can read the full article here.