In the UK, we generate a whopping 1 million tonnes of clothing and textile every single year. That’s a whole lot of landfill.

We want to start setting this right, one sock at a time. 

That's why we offer a recycling service as part of our subscription services. 

Just over half of the old pairs of socks we receive will make their way to UK charities, where they’ll be distributed to communities in need. The rest of the socks we receive are deconstructed before being given a second chance in life as an industrial textile.

And every time you send us your old socks not only are you helping the planet, you’re upgrading your sock-drawer.

All in all, quite the feat.


Take your subscription box from The London Sock Exchange and refill with any old, unwanted socks you might have in your sock­drawer. Re­seal the box, pop on the freepost label and send it back to us. 

Each pair of socks is sorted and ranked in order of their highest value, so they can be recycled in the appropriate way.

Socks of sufficient quality are shared with charity partners in the UK, who help to distribute them to feet in need. The remaining socks are turned into recycled fibres and given a new life as industrial textiles. Socksy.