James Bond007 Collection

For your feet only.

We do love a good yarn. Which is why we’ve created an exclusive range of socks celebrating the most iconic moments from the James Bond film series.

Walking in aWinter Wonderland

Sort that stocking filler, secret Santa gift or seasonal Christmas pick-me-up – quicker than you can say Bob's your ankle.

A Touch ofAnimal Magic

Find the ideal socks for the animal lover in you.

TheShakespeare Collection

Say hello to a set of socks with real character.

Developed with The Globe theatre in London, we're paying tribute to some of the most beloved characters from the works of Shakespeare.

Time to EatFoodie Feet

Footsie fun, fit for a foodie.


Calling all history fans, theatre enthusiasts, sports dorks, art aficionados and ballet buffs: these are the socks for you.

Who letthe dogs out?

Man, meet your new best friends. Woof.

Flightsof fancy

Egrets? We've had a few. Discover our collection of bird-based socks, and let your feet take flight.


Cosmopolitan? Old Fashioned? Whatever your style, you won’t be left on the rocks with these socks. 

It's OurGift Box

The perfect gift for the dapper dresser in your life.